Jotun: Game Review

Jotun: Game Review

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Recently over on my stream I beat a little indie game called Jotun where you play as a shield maiden named Thora on a quest to impress the gods of Norse mythology. I had a lot of fun playing through the storyline and sharing the experience with my viewers, so I decided to make a review of the game for those who may be interested in it. Like with my first impressions videos, I go over the pros, as well as the cons, before wrapping up with a conclusion. I hope you guys watching and if you decide to check out the game, I hope you enjoy it! Hail! All opinions belong to me, Nixxiom, and do not reflect the views of anyone else. Art of Nixxiom as a badass Viking drawn by RukiexRamen over on Deviantart. Go check her out! __________________________________

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