EVERDELL Board Game prototype Review

EVERDELL Board Game prototype Review

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theMCGuiRE review takes a look at Everdell a brand new game from Starling Games and Game Salute. We are doing yet another prototype giveaway on this title. The game is awesome and follows a traditional worker placement game and mechanic. you have to be very decisive as you can only take one action on your turn (place worker, play a card or activate the season). Artwork is amazing and the game drips with theme and visuals. You will want to play this game just on how its looks and feels – game-play is very fun and end game design is perfect with this genre. GIVEAWAY DETAILS: 1: Must be a subscriber of theMCGuiRE review youtube channel 2: Must comment on this video below (one random comment will be selected on Jan 26th 2018) – that youtube user will get this prototype and shipped

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