Assassin’s Shpee’d Origins (Game Review)

Assassin’s Shpee’d Origins (Game Review)

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G’day all MrPaladin here. I got Assassins Creed Origins for my birthday and I am a fan of the series so I thought I would give you a small review of what I thought about the game. In short I like everything about it with the exception of the melee system, I much prefered the style that was similar to batman or MadMax or Shadow of War where you get to react to attacks against you allowing for combat that involved being unarmed or fighting with your hidden blades only. That being said I have no problem with them trying something new and it is still fun but it is simply different. All up I put it to almost the level of Witcher 3 in that if I had the choice between this and Witcher 3 I would select Witcher 3 over Assassins Creed Origins but only by a small margin. Mail me at: MrPaladin

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